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November 2021

Girl in shorts and hat

I already wrote about my favorite luxury shoe brands , bags and online shopping websites but I never dedicated an article to one of my favorite ways of shopping, the second-hand online shops! Primarily for budget reasons, I started to browse the internet in 2010 for the best luxury shopping at the best price. I discovered Vestiaire Collective when it was freshly created under the name “Vestiaire de copines” and limited to the french market. More than 10 years of heavy shopping later, I now share with you my tips for a successful and stress-free shopping experience. So, which items are worth buying second-hand? Let’s answer that question below.

Your second chance!

We’ve all been there. Falling in love with a designer masterpiece (like I did with the incredible Dior Book Tote bag) and then you can’t stop thinking about it. The day you finally decide to buy, it’s already sold out everywhere. Typical! Luckily, and with a little bit of patience, you will find your love-at-first-sight again online – often as good as new 🙂

Dior Book Tote cloth tote
Girl drinking champagne with Chanel bag

Whatever the limited edition is – bag, shoes, or t-shirt, you are probably not the only one to hunt it. Don’t expect a big discount on the re-sale price. In some cases, you should even be ready for a small increase. Especially in the first few months after the item has sold out everywhere. If your love and patience can last a few extra months, you should be able to purchase it for a more reasonable price.

Finally affordable

Are you dreaming about a Chanel Boy bag or a Fendi Peekaboo? The prices of new collections are always increasing, decreasing your hopes to acquire your dream bag. However, don’t lose faith! Chances are good you will find your dream bag already waiting for you online at Vestiaire Collective.

Chanel Timeless/Classique leather handbag
Dior Lady Dior leather crossbody bag
Chanel Boy leather handbag

I remember the time you could get a brand new Chanel leather bag in store for less than 2000 euros… Forget about that today, not even a fabric tote! In some cases, the re-sale prices are actually even higher than retail. Keep in mind that everyone is hunting for the same pieces, so why not search for something slightly different? Chanel, for example, each year is designing many bags without the famous names of “Boy” or “Timeless” but still very beautiful and stylish! These bags get less attention, so they’re cheaper at second-hand shops.

Pro tip: looking for the famous “Chanel 2.55 black leather bag”? Set your search on “Chanel black leather bag” (without any model name). Your search will come up with a lot more items, but you might find someone who sells a 2.55 “just” as a Chanel bag. There are many who don’t care for or understand fashion. This is our opportunity to strike a great deal ladies!

Dior Miss Dior Promenade leather crossbody bag

Timeless for me

Only celebrities and famous fashion bloggers get the trendy pieces right on time. People like you and me wait, think, doubt and then it’s too late. Well, it might be too late to show off on Instagram, but if you really love the piece and you’re sure you’ll wear it, buy it second-hand! Sometimes you can even buy an extra piece for the same price as the original retail price.

Girl seated in a fancy bar
Saint Laurent Emmanuelle Leder Handtaschen
Celine Luggage leather handbag
Girl in shorts and Fendi bag

Invest in the best quality

Now, we don’t talk about trends anymore – it’s time for real basics. How many wardrobe staples can you think about? We need so many good pieces, right? A good classic black suit, a high quality white shirt, impeccable black pumps, a warm cashmere… Why not invest in high-quality items in second-hand shops? You get so much more for your money.

Christian Louboutin Leder Pumps
Burberry Sciarpa in Cachemire
woman in black suit with burberry shirt

I always dreamed about a classic fabulous black suit. I found the perfect one from Dior, almost brand new on Vestiaire Collective! (picture above).

Yves Saint Laurent Vestito in Lana

The classic monograms

If you are a Vintage lover, then of course, second-hand shops are made for you. I’m not personally into vintage style but I love the monograms that some brands put back into fashion. I actually wrote an article about it 😉

Dior Leder Handtaschen
Dior Seident�cher
girl travelling in Vuitton

Brands like Fendi, Dior and Louis Vuitton created their monogram ages ago! You can find amazing pieces from 20 years ago with a very affordable price tag – and they’re still super trendy.

Fendi Sac � main en toile

The dilemma

The Birkin and Kelly are so hard to find in boutiques, and there is a very long waiting list if you want them brand new!! That’s what makes them super exclusive (along with the price of course).

VINTAGE Herm�s Birkin 35 leather handbag

If you don’t live in Europe, it might be lucrative for you to search for a good second-hand offer online. If you have easy access to a European Hermes boutique, I suggest you be patient and put yourself on the waiting list. There’s not really a cheap or easy way to these pieces.

Herm�s Kelly 25 leather handbag

Did you know that the starting price for a Birkin in boutiques is around €7000, while a good condition second-hand starts at around €9000? And of course, popular colours are always more expensive (black, brown and orange – Hermes signature colours).

For successful second-hand shopping

As a rookie, you will need a bit of advice and recommendations to avoid misunderstandings and bad experiences.

Online shopping from sofa

Be fast but buy wisely! Some good offers can be sold within the hour they have been posted, but it doesn’t mean you need to rush without thinking. Buy only if you’re sure, as you cannot return most of the items.

Negotiate! Some items are open to offers, the sellers are free to accept or refuse them.

Ask all your questions directly to the seller before buying or making an offer. Never purchase an item with a doubt.

Last but not the least, Vestiaire Collective allows you to pay in 3 installments without any interest or fee! Keep it in mind for your larger purchases 😉

I hope you enjoyed reading this article! If you like the idea of second-hand fashion, I would highly advise you to create an account at Vestiaire Collective and have a look around. I promise you, it’s worth it!

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