My traveling tips for the frequent flyers!

September 2019

Darling, what’s in your Vuitton bag?

Travelling light, but travelling well – with minimal risks. Want to learn the tricks that only veteran frequent flyers know about? We assume you have the basics covered, but if you want less stress and make sure to arrive in style, please read on.

Bring some power!

Unless you are flying a private jet, not all airlines offer a plug to charge your phone by your seat. Don´t forget your powerbank. If you don’t want to carry a huge bank around, they actually come in sizes not much bigger than a credit card. Highly recommendable – it might end up saving your day!

Pack smartly!

A few important items should always go in your carry-on:

  • Medications, electronics and chargers, extra pair of underwear, warm jumper or scarf, toothbrush and some basic cosmetics will be very useful in case of change of plans!
  • Valuables! Don´t take the risk to have your diamonds earrings in your checked-in suitcase, if you plan on wearing them to a party tomorrow evening. It might be delayed or worse, completely lost.
  • As well, your computer and any fragile items should always stay with you (I know how your suitcase will be treated during transit).

Collect evidences!

Having a copy of your boarding pass in your phone is not only helping if you loose the paper version; it will be requested during all kinds of claims: delayed luggage, compensation for delayed flight (from 3h delay), etc…

Mess in opened suitcase

Keep the receipts of the valuables you carry in your suitcase and take a photo of your full open suitcase before flying. It helps!

Need help on a case of delay? You have rights!! Look at AirHelp website, they helped me a few times before:

VIP lounge access

If your flight is delayed, or you just have an unfortunate connecting flight, and you need to spend 3 hours extra at the airport – then I strongly suggest you figure out where the best lounge of the airport is located.
Many of the lounges offer free buffets and drinks, which is super convenient, often saves you a lot of money – and you can get some rest in a MUCH more relaxed environment, than in the regular free-for-all chaos with thousands of stressed travellers.

Even if you’re not a gold member of any airline companies, it is still possible to enjoy the best worldwide primeclass airport lounges. At some of them it’s possible to pay for a one time entry, but I suggest you join one of the many great lounge membership programs out there.
Please find the link below to one of the most popular programs, Priority Pass, where you can read more about your future benefits. Sign up now and thank me later!

Airport vip lounge

Moisturize yourself!

Sounds silly but we have a tendancy to forget the most important. The more you fly, the more you dry! If you can fit it, keep a 1 liter bottle with you. The flight hostess will refill it free of charge for you during the flight (not on all low cost airlines though).

During the flight, a facial mist will refresh, plump and hydrate your skin immediately. Check at the selection below, which are some of my personal favourites. 100ml max of course!!

Keep warm!

If you travel long-distance, and even if you fly to a warm destination like the Carribean, your body is going to cool down with the aircraft air conditionning. It will be a pity to start your holidays with an annoying bad cold!

Don’t forget to carry an extra pair of cashmere socks and a comfy jumper in your bag. My favorite are from Pantherella!

The airline will provide you the blanket and eyemask, but it is so much better to bring your own, especially when it’s cashmere 😉 Want to know more about this amazing fabric? We wrote an article about the best cashmere, and you can find it right here!

Cosmetic essentials

Ladies, prepare your pouches! No need to bring your full set – a few basics will do!


  • Disinfection wipes are mandatory (we all know how dirty a plane is), but deodorant and facial wipes in mini format can be very useful too!
  • You will surely need a good hand cream as well, a good hydration facial cream, and a lip balm.
  • Concerning the make-up I usually just use a corrector for imperfections, a pressed powder (with mirror please) and some blush. Natural fresh look! I love the make-up in mini version!
  • Look at my favorite selection below! I tried them all, and I chose them for their efficiency and practical packaging.


You probably planned to read a good book, work on your computer or watch a movie. My personal favourite thing, even during short flights, is to listen to the “Nature sounds” playlist with my noise cancelling headset. Easy to find on every popular music platform (I personnally use Apple music), peaceful rainforest noises and woodland ambiences will guarantee you a relaxing trip – try it out!


That’s it for now, just a few tips from me to you – hope they benefit you on your future journeys.

Enjoy your flights!!


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