My favorite fashion trend of Spring 2022!

March 2022

Impossible to miss, my favorite fashion trend of Spring 2022 is everywhere! From your favorite online shops to the streets and magazines, the fashionistas are making a bold statement with the brightest colors we’ve ever seen.

Pink, orange and green are the new black, and they need to be paired with yellow, purple or blue.

If you want to turn heads and catch the crowd’s attention with the color block trend, kick your feet up and read on!

Girl in orange and pink

You know my passion for a colorful wardrobe! You might even remember we talked about color blocking a few years ago in the article dedicated to color spectrum and mix.

Make your own cocktail

One of the color balance rules would be to match a color with its complementary one (the opposite one as seen in the color spectrum below). A color will pair perfectly as well with its analogous colors, meaning its neighbours in the color wheel.

Color spectrum

Start easy and pair, mix and match your two favorite bright colors, or get inspired by the most famous combos – pink & orange, orange & purple, purple & yellow, etc…  Prints can work, but use with caution to keep the look as simple and chic as possible.

Girl in yellow pants

Cavalli vintage blazer – Zara trousers – Fendi bagAnd Other Stories sandals


Zara jumper and trousers – OffWhite belt Fendi bag Louboutin pumps

Of course you don’t always have to follow the rules. Sometimes I just go with my gut feeling. After all, fashion is all about creativity and expressing your style!

girl with bright clothes walking

Zara jumper – Sezane skirt – Le Tanneur vintage bag – Nike sneakers

One of the most popular mix, (and my favorite) is the pink and orange pairing. So punchy and vibrant – love it!

Girl in orange and pink walking

Sandro top – Bimba y Lola skirt – Valentino bag – Hermes Sandals

Add a touch of deep blue or purple and you will get a sophisticated and trendy outfit! The touch can be small, with a belt, a bag or any accessory.

Super trendy, the monochrome look is one of the easiest to achieve by mixing your favorite pieces from the same hue with variations (from light to dark).

color spectrum

That’s it for now. Hopefully you found some inspiration and now have a legitimate excuse to add new pieces to your wardrobe. Thank you for reading – I will keep an eye out for the coming Summer trends and make sure to keep you updated.

Feel free to reach out on social media and share your thoughts!


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