June 2020

So – you received the shiny gold invitation, and start to panic about finding the best wedding guest outfit. In this article, I will share advice, ideas, and tips to help you with your choice, so you can look your best and be the perfect guest.

woman holding red dress in front of wardrobe

What you need to know

The style

First question: what kind of wedding will it be? Fancy or more casual? You need to figure it out chop-chop, as it will have a major impact on your outfit!

The venue

You need to know the venue to adapt your outfit. We don’t want to ruin our Louboutins in the sand, or feel cold all night because you didn’t realize it was a garden party.

The cultural aspect

Sometimes you need to investigate a bit more before choosing your outfit. Cultural differences are huge between some countries, and rules & etiquette can vary dramatically. You don’t want to cause a diplomatic incident! One of the first things you do, is google the destination and ask family and friends.

Did you know? In China, the bride is wearing 2 dresses, one white and one red! Don’t wear red to avoid stealing her thunder – or black because it’s considered bad luck!

girl smiling

Wedding styles & Ideas

The traditional wedding

The most common, but I would say the hardest one! A wedding without a theme means higher risk to make mistakes. This is probably the reason why “what to wear at a wedding” is one of the most googled phrases about this topic. You need to know what the couple has in mind or at least an idea of their style.

Any doubt? Go for a chic jumpsuit with comfy heels and an elegant clutch! If jumpsuits are not for your body type, the knee-length dress will fit perfectly and it’s reusable for many other occasions. Staying classy is key – whatever the style of the party.

The elegant and luxurious

The bride might wear Vera Wang, Berta or Galia Lahav, (3 of my dream brands) and want to feel like a princess in her castle. Fair enough, most of us girls all dreamed about this kind of wedding at least once! Your goal: to look elegant and expensive without burning through your bank account. Dress to impress!

I suggest the long and simple silky dress (camisole slip dress), high and discreet sandals, clutch, and elegant jewelry. Efficient and effortless, you will look like you attend this kind of party every weekend.

Country, outdoor, or boho style

How lucky to go to a garden or beach wedding party!

This type of wedding has many variants:  bohemian, countryside, rustic, etc. Fortunately this means more options for you! An outdoor wedding is almost always less formal and more relaxed.

The vintage floral flowy dress or a knitted/crochet one with a straw bag will be perfect! Depending on the scenery, you might need to go for flat elegant sandals (no flip flops please!) if you don’t want to end the party barefeet.

What not to wear to a wedding

Can I wear black to a wedding?

Unless the future Mrs&Mr say otherwise, please keep in mind the following rules: 

NO white, off-white or ivory. 

Black, red, gold, silver and neon colours are dangerous. My best advice is to avoid them! 

In general, you don’t want to steal the bride’s spotlight or look almost undressed.

Jean’s, shorts or jogging style pants are a no-go (come on, do we really need to mention that?)

No trainers or flip-flops (I know  your Balenciaga Triple S are cool, but no). 

Nothing too revealing or eye-catchy. A bit of cleavage, yes, but we don’t want to see too much skin (maybe at the bachelorette party).


Girls in wedding dress fighting

The best wedding guest outfits

The wedding guest dress

You want to avoid faux-pas and be classic and elegant? The midi bodycon dress is the card to play! The shape is flattering and the style fits every occasion. Impossible to make a mistake! Karen Millen is one of the famous British brands specialized in this kind of dress!

Karen Millen blue dress

The Missoni style knitted dress is perfect for a bohemian chic theme wedding! This one below is from Sandro!

Model in gold slip dress

My absolute favorite is the slip dress, simple and efficient for any kind of party with elegant sandals and a clutch. And so trendy.

Go for something modern and fresh! Vibrant colors and trendy shapes that you could wear easily again this summer. Did you read my article about the trendy spring colors? 😉

The classy jumpsuit

I have a thing for jumpsuits. They are not only modern but as well classy, trendy, and elegant. 

You can re-use your jumpsuit so easily! A pair of flat sandals instead of your high heels, a big tote bag, and bam! You have a casual chic look for a summer evening.

Happy couple having champagne

I want a different look!

Most of us ladies instinctively go for a dress. It’s a safe choice but think out of the box! What are the odds that you are going to re-use that dress soon? Sometimes it can be a bit too classic, not to mention it’s a big investment for a Saturday evening.

I love midi skirts! Very fancy with a silk top and high heels, you can as well wear it casual with sneakers or boots during winter.

If your skirt is high-waisted and covers the belly button, you can wear it with a cute cropped top!

What about a colorful masculine suit with feminine high heels and a trendy clutch?

The best fashion accessories

Accessories are not minor details. They are as important as the rest of the outfit, and I’m not only talking about shoes and bags. The right accessories can transform a simple style to fancy or trendy in a second!

The best party bag

Go for a clutch or a small bag for a real party/evening look. Big bags are not fitting the event!

The Bottega slouchy style clutch is super trendy, even for everyday styles! No worries if you don’t have the budget for Bottega, this clutch from THEMOIRÈ is perfect and comes in so many different sizes and colors!

Themoire pink faux leather clutch

The wedding guest shoes

After investigating the playing field of the evening, you might either go for vertiginous heels (the bravest of us) or flats. In any case, elegance will be priority number 1.

If you have a good budget, you should check out Casadei (picture below). Simply fabulous and the highest quality possible.

Always think twice before buying high heels. Are you ready and brave enough to spend all afternoon, evening (and maybe even night) in these 12cm?

Simple but very useful tip: never wear brand new shoes at a wedding! You might cry of pain and finish the night with plasters! Wear your brand new shoes a few times before the party to “break them in”.

The wedding guest jewelry

Jewelry can make a big difference and really finish a look. When you choose fine and discreet jewelry, you can combine and mix without a problem. If you go big, go exclusive! Only one big piece at a time to avoid the Christmas tree look.

Forever star gold neklace
Stories rhinestones earrings

I’m crazy about big statement earrings! A simple outfit, your hair up, big earrings, and voila! You’re stylish and guaranteed to attract attention.

More fashion accessories 

If you love to play with accessories, it’s your time to shine. Look into your jewelry treasure chest, wardrobe, or closet. You probably have something that can step up your look. Hair accessories could replace jewelry!

Pink hair accessories

Summer nights can be chilly… A scarf will be your best option to wrap yourself elegantly.

MAX MARA Charles silk scarf

Hide your tears after the church ceremony with very chic cat eye sunglasses.

Cat Eye Sunglasses

What about the straw hat for an outdoor or beach style wedding? I love this pink one from Maison Michel.

Feel comfortable about what to wear at a wedding? Below a couple of final tips.


Want to know more about how to be a great wedding guest? Learn about social codes and etiquette, here and about the perfect wedding gift there! 

Don’t forget, there are countless styles of weddings! Some couples are very traditional, but during the last years, the tendance has been to stand out from the crowd and organize a different and personal celebration. That means that you as a guest are allowed even more space to work with regarding the outfit. Follow the guide and you’ll rock it!







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