Luxury make-up products – are they really worth it?

January 2021

Girl applying make-up

I wanted to write this article for a while, but like the review of the bath products from last year, buying and trying so many products take some time (and a bit of money as well).

We all fancy the Chanel face powder in its super-luxury beige and black packaging, or the ultra-posh gold Gucci lipstick. But when somebody tells you that the one from L’Oreal is actually good enough, sometimes even better – we get confused!

Is that true – are we really often paying only for marketing? Let’s find out!

I tried a selection of products, and I selected only some of my favorite brands. The ones I believe (hope) are worth the money. This review is not sponsored (unfortunately), only affiliate links on this article will provide a small provision for us (if you buy via the links), at no extra cost for you.

I’m not a make-up artist!

Just a few words before getting into the subject. I’m not a make-up artist or specialist or dermatologist. I wrote this review as a normal client, obviously very interested in make-up, but not a pro in any way. I’m looking for efficiency and simplicity, most probably like you.

Foundation, concealer and powder

The most important for most of us is to have a perfect skin – smooth, glowy, fresh and natural. First, I like to moisturize my skin, apply a concealer on dark circles and imperfections, blend with a light foundation, seal with a powder, and then a touch of bronzer, before finishing up with a fresh blush.

I have never been very good with concealer! How much should I apply and where exactly? So, I wanted something smooth and easy. I’ve tried many different brands but most of them were either too thick or too dry, and highlighted all the little wrinkles around the eyes.

Girl applying blush

Armani Powder Fabric concealer

The Armani Power Fabric concealer is one of the best I have ever tried! The texture is quite liquid, light but with high coverage, easy to apply, to blend or to build-up. It’s also very stretchable and doesn’t expose or highlight your eye wrinkles! The only negative point would be the smell – a bit too chemical – but does it really matter? The average price is quite affordable for such a good brand (around 35€). As a reference, I’m wearing the shade 3.

Armani concealer

Dior Forever Natural Nude foundation

I discovered and tried the Forever Natural Nude Dior foundation very recently, from a small sample I got at a shop. I fell in love and bought it immediately! The texture is light and fresh, and it moisturizes your skin while still covering the imperfections. It’s quite liquid and therefore easy to apply!

Dior fondation

The result is very natural and will last all day. The light rose smell is the same as their Prestige skin treatment – it even smells expensive! As a reference, I choose the shade 3N.

Dolce & Gabbana Gloriouskin foundation

Dolce Gabbana foundation

If you are more into creamy textures, the Dolce & Gabbana Gloriouskin foundation is made for you! Super exclusive (hard to find online) and with a high price tag, this product is more than a foundation. When applying it almost feels like a skincare product, as it contains hyaluronic acid and an spf of 20.

The application is a real pleasure and the result is beyond expectations – if you are looking for a natural, glowy, and fresh skin. As a reference, I tried the shade 120 nude.

The price is around 100 euros for 30ml but you will only use a little each time and the jar will last quite a long time. The ornate gold packaging will definitely add some luxury to your bathroom!

La Prairie Skin Caviar powder foundation

Ladies and gentlemen, here comes the Rolls Royce of foundations! 190€ for 9gr of pure opulence in a silver box. The skin Caviar powder foundation from La Prairie is the definition of luxury. I was so excited that I even made an unboxing video!

While opening the packaging, a delicate floral fragrance escaped from the box. As for the previous Dior foundation, the perfume was light and reminded me of luxury spa and expensive skin care.

Somewhere between a foundation, a skincare and a powder, the La Prairie Skin Caviar powder foundation is as effective as an Instagram filter.

La Prairie powder

Powder Foundation begins as a creamy base and sets to a cashmere-soft finish. It offers buildable, blendable coverage for a matte yet luminous, fresh look all day long. The silver cobalt blue box comes with two mirrors – both a regular and a magnifying mirror and a set of two sponges. For reference, I’m wearing the shade Peach.

By Terry Hyaluronic Hydra powder

Smoothen the look of your skin, with or without foundation!

I discovered this amazing powder a few years ago and I still love it. Extra thin and translucent, this loose powder contains whipped Hyaluronic Acid Microspheres that ‘fill in’ pores and imperfections for smoother, more even-toned skin without over-drying. To be used with a big brush for a lighter and more natural finish (and avoid the white mask feeling).

By Terry face powder

Gucci Eclat Soleil powder

Impossible to not be attracted by the vintage luxury look of the packagings of Gucci Beauty. The first time I discovered this range, I just wanted to buy something, no matter what it was, because I fell in love with the design. I ended up with two adorable lipsticks and recently bought this bronzing powder – one of my favorites.

Girl doing make-up
Gucci powder

Everything about this powder is spectacular, from the retro blue and gold packaging to the light floral smell. The powder is light and extra-thin for an easy application and build-up.

Dolce & Gabbana Blush of Roses and Solar Glow duo

One of the prettiest make-up ranges of all time! The floral packaging is to die for and the textures are the highest quality you can find. Impossible to choose from these two amazing blushes from Dolce & Gabbana!

Dolce & Gabbana blush

Incredibly easy to use, both blushes will give your skin the freshness it deserves. Blush of roses has a mat finish, but still an amazing glow, while Solar Glow is paired with a real highlighter.

make-up blush

All about the eyes

Eye shadow and mascara

I love eye shadows and doing make-up on my eyes! It’s the time to be creative and play with colors (like when I was 8, but with a bit more technique now). Eye make-up is the only part where I’m truly adventurous, and like to play around and change things. When it comes to products for the skin and lips, I usually go with the safe bet and use my favorite brands/products.

Colors need to be vibrant and highly pigmented for a long lasting make-up.

Girl doing make up

Natasha Denona and Pat Mc Grath eye shadow palettes

The two pros of the eye shadow! The colors are highly pigmented and blend beautifully on your eye lid. The selection of colors is trendy and sophisticated, and inspires you to go further with your eye make-up! Easy to work with, and just for this, they are worth the price.

make-up palette
Natasha Denona Sunrise Palette

Both brands are in the upper price range, between 70€ and 250€, depending on the size of the palette. Luckily, Natasha Denona also created some mini palettes with six colors (more than enough for a make-up) at a more affordable price (around 25€).

Natasha Denona mini palette
Pat Mc Graph palette

When it comes to marketing and design, Pat Mc Graph is a step ahead. Yes, the price range is high but the packaging is screaming avant-garde luxury. Not really made for traveling (sadly for me), the black and gold signature palette will make your bathroom proud and your friends jealous.

Delilah Volumising and Defining Mascara

I tried so many mascaras in my life, from the supermarket range to luxury boutiques, and I’ve rarely been impressed.

Delilah volumizing mascara gives a good volume and length and no flaking even after a full day of wear, and still it’s easy to remove. The gold packaging is nice in your make-up pouch, but nothing really original if you compare with cheaper brands.

Would I recommend this product? Yes, but it’s not a must have. If you have a little budget for make-up products, don’t invest in an expensive mascara! The difference between Maybelline and Chanel is not significant yet.

Delilah mascara

Lipstick and gloss

Christian Louboutin Silky Satin

Ok, I admit, I bought the Louboutin Silky Satin online because I loved the packaging! As a jewel in a precious black box with a red velvet insert, it’s hard not to be impressed, and to be honest, it’s almost too beautiful to be used as a normal lipstick.

Girl pounding

The texture is creamy and comfortable on the lips. Not really longlasting but quite mosturizing. The scent reminds me of vintage lipsticks. I’m wearing the shade “Very Gil”.

Louboutin lipstick

Louboutin’s make-up range is definitely luxurious! The quality might not exactly match the high price tag (you can find equivalent quality at half the price) but it’s not exactly what we are looking for here. As much as we love our Louboutins pumps, we don’t wear them every day – but we love to see them in our wardrobe.

Gucci rouge voile

I discovered Gucci beauty when it was just launched a few years ago. As for the Eclat Soleil powder we talked about previously, the vintage packaging attracted me at first. I’m not crazy about red lipsticks in general, but this one is different. Enriched with coconut oil, the texture is very moisturizing and with a lovely smell. The color is almost translucent and easy to apply.

I’m wearing the shade 508 “Diana Amber”.

girl applying lipstick
Gucci lipstick

Worth the price? Yes, definetely, and not only for the adorable retro tube. 

Surratt Lip Lustre gloss

Surratt lip gloss

Finally a gloss that lasts on your lips and keeps its dazzling shade after a drink or two. The glittery finish is light but the high shine is extreme. The texture is thick but not sticky, and the application is super easy with the silicone flocked spatula.

You need to buy a gloss? This is the one you need for irresistible lips! My favorite is the transparent “Oh la la!”.

I hope you enjoyed reading this review! It took me a while to buy and try everything, and then try them again to give my most honest opinion. So is the luxury make-up worth the money? I would say it depends on your need and budget. The element of pleasure and satisfaction it gives you to own these luxurious products is very important too, not only when you apply the make-up, but when you see it displayed in your bathroom as well. However, if you choose this pleasure but have to struggle with the budget for the rest of the month, it’s not worth it! That’s my opinion at least.

Take care out there and stay sharp!

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