The collaboration Dior/Rimowa.

Discover the capsule collection!

December 2019

Dior Men’s Artistic Director, Kim Jones and Daniel Arsham, famous contemporary artist decided to team up to create their very first capsule collection.

And what a collection! A delicate fusion of old and new. A mix of the emblematic DIOR Oblique motif designed by Marc Bohan in 1967 and the suitcase design inspired by RIMOWA from the early 1990.

With vibrant, reflective hues, and minimalist, graphic design, the collection is iconic and definitely unisex.

The full collection was displayed for the lucky ones at the new Dior Champs-Élysées boutique last October. An impressive staging with reflecting lights and a full-scale silver helicopter specially customized for the occasion!

The portable personal case is made from the finest aluminium with leather accents and cross-body strap.

Celebrating the spirit of aluminium, the Special Edition Luggage is engineered to perfection, featuring the signature Dior Oblique motif inside and out.

Art, Design and Fashion were exceptionally reunited during the Dior Spring-Summer 2020 Men’s catwalk!
Sneak peek of the show below!

Extremely desirable and limited – as you can imagine – the pieces won’t be available before mid-January, and only if you register and pre-order on Rimowa or Dior websites!


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